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Planting Potatoes

Here is a great video with go-pro and drone shot of the potato planting operation out at  T. Soanes & Son at Warter Priory Estate.

Field Preparation

The field is prepared first by creating a deep furrow under which the potato seeds will be buried.

Potato Planter

Next the planters roll through the field laying down the seed along with any liquid fertilizer or fungicides in furrow that need to be placed into the root zone.

Covering The Seed Trench

Once planted the seeds have been fertilized, the seed trench is covered, and the tubers will start to sprout until they emerge

Eventual Market for Potato Crop

Most potatoes in the US get sold off to the big chippers or the fast food joints like McDonald’s.  They are rather particular about the varieties they prefer – those that create the largest fries of course! 🙂

They tend to require planting russets, frequently norkatahs.

Unfortunately, the lack of differentiation season to season creates a lot of disease pressure on these potatoes and they require a lot of fungicides and pesticides in order to ensure a viable crop in the fall.